Baking for Booties

Introducing COLONTOWN’s first Bake Sale fundraiser!
Bake for your local community to support our online community.

How can I participate? Here are 4 easy steps:

1. Create and personalize your own Baking for Booties participant page

• Go to the Baking for Booties Fundraiser webpage.

• Scroll down to find this FUNDRAISE button

• Fill out your basic info, add a photo, and click SUBMIT

• Watch this How to sign up video for more information!

How to sign up

2. Check your email

Check your email for your personalized fundraiser link. Share this page with your Bake Sale customers so they can donate directly to PALTOWN and support the COLONTOWN Community

• We will also email you a Bake Sale guide, including detailed baking suggestions and ideas

3. Hold your event any time in October

Get baking! Create some sweet treats and get donations on your personalized fundraiser page for the ‘price’ of the treats. You can choose your own prices.

• Hold your event any time in the month of October. Feel free to work around your own schedule

Get creative! You can hold an in-person event or offer your goods virtually via social media. It can be as simple or creative as you’d like. See some example social media posts below.

Here are some example social media posts. Feel free to copy, adapt, change whatever you’d like!

4. Send out thank you notes

• Thank your donors and volunteers. Pat yourself on the back for supporting a great cause while delighting people with deliciousness!

Ready to get baking?