Family Care Assistance Project

Single parents in our COLONTOWN community can apply for child care assistance to enable them to attend PALTOWN/COLONTOWN events or for treatment-related needs.

The Family Care Assistance Project is made possible by the Lindsey Musick Fund.

Lindsey was a single parent with three children when she was diagnosed with stage IV colorectal cancer in 2018. She found the COLONTOWN community, and attended an Empowered Patient Leaders Workshop in 2019. 

She felt this experience was a “game changer” for her. She sought out a second opinion and new treatment options, and stepped up to give back to her neighbors.

In addition to leading the COLONTOWN management team as Mayor, Lindsey took on a primary role in the EPL Workshop program. She put her heart into her work, and both COLONTOWN and EPL thrived under her care.

Apply for Family Care Assistance

Supported by PALTOWN

COLONTOWN is supported by PALTOWN Development Foundation, a 501(c)3 corporation. PALTOWN is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering patients and carepartners by creating disease-specific communities to address information needs and social isolation through training, technology, and developing purpose-driven community leadership.