In Memoriam Giving

Many families ask about donations to support COLONTOWN when a loved one passes away

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Families who wish to direct donations to COLONTOWN can request a personalized “In Memory Of” page on our site.

The page can include photos, text, and links, as well as a donation form. This option allows families to specify how donations can be used and offers a customized link that is simple to communicate.

Please contact Nancy Seybold to discuss an In Memory Of page and to see examples.

Steve Schwarze
Remembering Steve

August 25, 2022 — COLONTOWN grieves the loss of Steve Schwarze, who served the community in many ways over his years with us. As Interim Mayor, Community Leader, Workshop Faculty, Cabinet Member, and Director of Clinical Trials Programming, Steve was always at the heart of COLONTOWN. He was a teacher, a mentor, and a friend.

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COLONTOWN is supported by PALTOWN Development Foundation, a 501(c)3 corporation. PALTOWN is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering patients and carepartners by creating disease-specific communities to address information needs and social isolation through training, technology, and developing purpose-driven community leadership.