COLONTOWN: Powered by patients. A tight-knit community where hope and science meet. 

COLONTOWN improves the quality of life and outcomes for people with colorectal cancer, through shared knowledge, experience, and support. 

We are a dynamic online community, created and operated entirely by colorectal cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers. We are international leaders in the ‘patient-to-patient’ movement, educating members on the science and latest advancements related to our disease. 

COLONTOWN is structured in private groups on Facebook. The core neighborhood is “Downtown.” From there, members can participate in more than 140 neighborhoods that cater to all aspects of colorectal cancer. For example, “Four Corners” is for stage IV patients, and “Corner Cupboard” offers solutions to common side effects. 

We have several neighborhoods that are limited to those who share your situation, such as those for caregivers and family members, for patients under 40, and for women. There are more than 10 neighborhoods devoted to clinical trials, where experienced patients and caregivers help others find appropriate trials for their individual cancer profiles. 

Each COLONTOWN neighborhood is overseen by hosts who are patients or caregivers themselves, and who are tasked with sharing timely, evidence-based information. This sharing of knowledge and experience is why oncologists call COLONTOWN “The Patient Powerhouse.” 

To learn more 

To learn more, visit us at To join our community, fill out the registration form. r COLONTOWN is supported by PALTOWN, a non-profit organization.